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Woodlake students enjoying a delicious meal


Each school develops a custom menu each month. Please refer to the school website or contact the school cafeteria for menus.

School meals are planned by our certified field managers with input from our director who is a registered dietitian. Students are offered a choice of nutritionally balanced lunches and breakfasts that meet or exceed the USDA standards and reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Student preferences are determined through surveys and taste parties. The feedback received plays a major role in our menu offerings. Low cost, nutritious school meals are served to more than 23,000 customers every day.


Special Diet Requests

If a child has been determined by a doctor to be disabled and the disability prevents the child from eating the regular school meals, schools will make any substitutions.  If a substitution is prescribed, there will be no extra charge for the meal. If your child needs substitutions because of a disability, please have a physician or recognized medical authority complete the “Prescription for School Meal Modification” form.  Dietary requests will be valid only for the school year in which they are written and will expire at the end of each school year. A signature from a physician or other recognized medical authority is required.

Special Diets Required Form