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The St. Tammany Parish School Board makes available a comprehensive benefits program for employees working 30 or more hours per week. Employees have a variety of benefits including group insurance, investment options, sick leave, retirement, employee assistance program, and professional development. Additional information about these and other benefits may be obtained through the Human Resources Department of the St. Tammany Parish Public School System.

Group Insurance is offered to employees on a voluntary basis. Employees may elect coverage for themselves and certain dependents as well.

Employee Health Insurance is offered at a shared cost to employees. The School Board pays 92% of the employee’s individual premium. The employees and Board contributions for coverage that includes dependents vary according to the specific plan. Health care is available to employees who work 30 or more hours per week.

Employee Life Insurance
in the amount of $5,000 is provided free of charge by the School Board for all employees. Employees may purchase additional coverage, determined by annual salary.

Employee Post-Retirement Health and/or Life Insurance are offered. Upon retirement, employees may elect to continue their insurance programs, provided they are covered at the time of retirement.

A Tax-sheltered Payroll Deduction for health insurance plans is offered through the School Board.

Investment Options
> First Financial STPSB Employee Site

Various Investment Programs in the form of mutual funds and annuities are offered for participation in a 403a plan. Tax-deferred/sheltered investments must follow federal Internal Revenue Service requirements.

Two Employee Credit Unions serve School System employees. Both provide comparable services and rates. Employees may decide which, if either, credit union to use. Information on each may be obtained from the Human Resources Department. Both offer payroll deduction programs.

Sick Leave
Up to (10) sick days annually, three (3) of which may be used as "personal" days, are offered to 9 month employees. These days are pro-rated for part-time employees, based on their workdays. Additional days are given to extended program employees.

The State of Louisiana requires teachers, paraprofessionals, clerical, administrators and lunchroom technicians to join the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL). Bus Drivers, bus attendants, custodians and maintenance workers all contribute to the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System. Retirement contributions are tax-sheltered payroll deductions.

Retirement benefits are based on years of service and age. Information about retirement options is available from the Human Resources Department upon request. To help prepare employees for retirement, those contemplating retirement may attend informational planning meetings held twice yearly or contact the Human Resources Department for an appointment to discuss retirement options.

Retirement Savings Availability Notice (Newsletter)

Additional information concerning purchase of previous service credit, military credit, transfers between public retirement systems, calculations of estimated retirement benefits, disability retirement benefits, survivors' benefits, and other related questions also may be obtained from the Human Resources Department or the retirement system directly.

Employee Assistance Program
Employees and members of their households may access mental health professionals using a toll-free help line at no cost to the employee. Confidential consultations focus on guidance and referral in securing appropriate care.

Professional Development
The St. Tammany Parish Public School System recognizes that professional development must be a continuous process that educators view as a top priority. A program of systematic training is offered to enable teachers, support personnel, and administrators to support all students in meeting rigorous content standards. Educators consistently give high marks to the School System’s professional development program in supporting their efforts to be effective in the classroom.

Emphasis on collaboration among educators within and across disciplines and school buildings is an important component of the School System plan. Educators come together to practice new strategies for learning, share ideas, and reflect on results. Educators also have the opportunity to impact decisions about new programs and practices to improve schools and increase student achievement.

Professional development is offered in different ways. Opportunities during the school day provide training in programs and practices that reflect School System and school priorities. After-school and weekend workshops as well as summer institutes provide a variety of options for teachers.

Teachers also benefit from being able to bank professional development hours in activities of their individual interest and need. In addition, coaching and mentoring programs assist teachers in transferring new knowledge and skills to improve classroom instruction.

LEAD Academy
LEAD Academy accepts candidates interested in learning more about the School System administrative career track. Sessions include topics covering all aspects of administrative responsibilities along with the advice of veteran administrators. A culminating activity allows candidates to practice what they have learned at school sites.

National Board Certification
Teachers are encouraged to apply for National Board Certification. State funding is available on a limited basis for associated costs. The School System supports teacher candidates in completing the rigorous process through mentoring and other available resources. Teachers interested in the certification program should contact the Human Resources Department for further information.

Star Program
To thank you for your valued service and dedication to the children of St. Tammany Parish, the School System has partnered with local businesses and service providers to develop a School System employee discount program. As a School System employee, the St. Tammany Advantage Reward (STAR) Program allows you to get discounts on various kinds of goods and services throughout the parish.

To take advantage of these great savings, all you have to do is show the participating business or service provider your STAR Card that is included with your brochure and your School System or School ID at the time of purchase. It really is that easy!

You can quickly find a list of all participating businesses and service providers with the discounts they offer by looking for Official STAR Partners signs at participating business locations or by visiting this website:

The St. Tammany Parish School Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in employment or the provision of services.



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